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“You can say what Pilates is in three words :  Stretch with Strength and Control. 

And the control part is the most important because that makes you use your mind.”

- Romana Kryzanowska -

The classic style of the Pilates method is well known for its authenticity to the exercises created by Joseph Pilates. It is composed by sets of exercises which combines physical and mental fitness.

On the physical state, the method is designed to increase strength and flexibility.
By focusing on the center (abdominal/gluteal/lumbar area) the body is developing harmoniously.
A regular practice lengthens and strengthens the muscles, shapes the body, improves posture, enhances coordination and stimulates blood circulation.

On the mental state, in order to control your body movements and breathing, concentration is essential to accomplish the exercises with precision and fluidity.

With a tailor-made training carried out on different equipments (including on the mat), the method does not impose a repetitive routine but adapts to each individual, to its physiology, state of fatigue, mood of the day and progress etc. 
Practicing Pilates on a regular basis allows you to improve in other activities and in everyday's life.

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